Goetia Devils

by Rev. Cain

This book details all vital information regarding each of the Goetia spirits – sigils, ritual elements, names, blessings, and further. As well, The Goetia Devils offer the reader an unparalleled wealth of wisdom regarding the origins and nature of these hellbound spirits.


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A compendium for occultists, demonologists, and students of the Left-Hand Path,Β The Goetia DevilsΒ offers the reader an illuminating glimpse of the Goetia spirits through the lens of world-renowned author, Rev. Cain.
The Goetia Devils is not a translation of the ancient Ars Goetia manuscript – rather, it is an in-depth, fresh look at the devils that fill its infamous hierarchy. In the pages of this book, the 72 Goetia devils finally breathe an air of esteem, dignity, and well-deserved celebration.


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