✷ 5×7 inches with stand
✷ Made of glass and resin
✷ Includes a bottle of Obsidian chips, for protection against negative entities with Amethyst chips, for amplifying the third eye while scrying
✷Includes cleaning cloth and velvet pouch
CONSECRATED. Treat with utmost care and respect.

The ancient rite of scrying has been practiced for thousands of years and is a form of mediumship. This tool functions like a portal through the other planes of existenceβ€” allowing the practitioner to receive messages from the spirit realm in the form of visual flashes of knowledge as well as glimpses into the past or future.
The word β€œscry” comes for the old English language and it means β€œto reveal”.
The name of the technique itself suggests the fact that scrying is based on spiritual information that is revealed to the practitioner.
In order to scry, one must first enter a powerful trance state to receive the visual flashes.
Scrying also aids in the development of the Third Eye and strengthens the user’s clairvoyant abilities.


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