The deity is associated with emotion and intuitionβ€”the yin energy to the God’s action-oriented yang energyβ€”and the wisdom that comes from engaging with our shadow side. Anyone who has ever felt the mysterious effects of a Full Moon or even a New Moon has experienced the power of the Goddess.
✷ Burned during a Witchcraft ritual
✷ Burned during spellwork, specially when working with the Triple Goddess of the Moon
✷ A perfect offering for the Lady
Has a fresh and light scent with a hint of menthol. Promotes relaxation, recuperation, clarity of thought, self-confidence and decisiveness in action.

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Incense is an ancient ritual tool that draws on the aromatic powers of herbs, spices, oils, resins, and tree barks to create a sacred atmosphere and a state of mind conducive to communing with the spirit world.
This authentic HEM Moon incense sticks from India is a powerful tool for invoking the Goddess. The Lady is represented by the Moon as she rules the night and the ocean tides, as well as the reproductive cycles of women and the realm of the human psyche. They both hold the divine feminine energy.


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