“As long as people have been using Tarot cards for divination, its symbolism and methodologies have evolved to keep time with societal change. Carnival at the End of the World Tarot keeps to the Rider-Waite-Smith nomenclature and numbering for the major arcana and also presents pictorial scenes and similar suits for the pip cards for the minor arcana, but its iconography and interpretive values are appropriate to our own uncertain times.
Carnival at the End of the World Tarot is a contemporary tarot deck, a loose-leaf Book of Fate summoned from the same mythologies we have been exploring in our recent photographs, paintings, and book project. In 2006, our multimedia project Eisbergfreistadt included a poker deck that when laid out in a long line, revealed a panoramic narrative of climate change and environmental devastation. In 2017, as the stakes of the Great Game have grown greater and the Anthropocene has exponentially brought change and chaos to many lives around the world, we have moved from making cards for jovial pastimes to those for divination: the Tarot, which in its traditional uses has been consulted to forecast disaster, anticipate risk, and navigate life-choices through backstage access to the Unseen.”
✷ 2nd Edition
✷ 84-card deck: 78 tarot cards following the traditional tarot sequence, plus six additional character cards, printed on high-quality playing card stock with curved corners for maximum durability.
✷ Presented in a high-quality custom tuck-box with colorful harlequin design.


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